Grocery Checklist Template

Grocery Checklist Template

The Grocery Checklist Template has everything you and your family need to ensure that your dinners are well-prepped. If you know the sting of forgetting one small spice or ingredient for a meal just after you have finished going to the store, this template was designed with you in mind. This free template thoughtfully allows you to enter your information. By breaking up the various food categories our bodies need, this free document helps you better organize your grocery list for fast and effective shopping, getting you in and out of the store in no time at all. Learn more about this free document by reading the guide below.

How to Use the Grocery Checklist Template

The first thing that you need to do is click the link at the bottom of this page in order to download the free template file to your computer.

Next, start in the “Checklist” tab at the bottom of the page. This is where you will enter all the groceries you normally buy for your entire household. This running list will help you keep track of all the ingredients you need in your home so you are never without. When you need to buy more of an item on this list, you’ll simply click it and add it to the grocery list tabs.

The Grocery Checklist has two different lists for when you actually go to the store. One is more basic and the other separates your list into the various categories seen at the store (Baking, Frozen, Canned, etc.)

For the simplified version, click the “Shopping” tab. In this section, you will just click on a cell and enter the item you need.

If you want to organize your items for a speedy check-out beforehand, you will go to the “Grocery” tab. Just find the category that your item belongs to and enter it on the line below.

You can see how the Grocery Checklist will make your shopping more efficient and faster, saving you both time and money by avoiding purchases on items you don’t really need.

Download: Grocery Checklist Template