February 2014 Calendar


Free February 2014 Calendar

An excellent online calendar is available free to all and is downloadable, customizable and printable. The template offers large boxed spaces for each day of the month which can be arranged by Sunday to Saturday week-flows or beginning with Mondays. Days can be color-coded to assist in easy at-a-glance identification of holidays, typical off-work days, etc. You can add your own notes by simply clicking on a day and beginning to type. There is also generous space for note-making at the bottom margin.

Using the February 2014 Calendar

The February 2014 calendar page has 28 days (as 2014 will not be a leap year), and the month begins on a Saturday and ends on a Friday. Each day of the week, including Sundays, occurs exactly four times on the February 2014 calendar.

You can make all the month’s major planned events immediately viewable on one calendar page. Having it one your computer can allow you to check it any time and any where if you carry a laptop or save your files in an online storage place. Budgeting your time and money, as well as balancing your business and personal life is made much easier. Savings, expenses, and payrolls can be conveniently tracked.

This February 2014 calendar is a simple tool that can be of great assistance in planning and organizing your year.

Special Days on the February 2014 Calendar

Special dates of note on our February 2014 calendar include: Groundhog Day (on the 2nd, a Sunday), St. Valentine’s Day (on the 14th, a Friday- and men who are married or who have a girlfriend had better not forget that information!), and President’s Day (on the 17th, a Monday). The weekend (Saturday and Sunday) between Valentine’s Day and President’s Day is a likely time to plan a special event. Also remember to add in birthdays and anniversaries or any local or religious holidays important to you.

Download: February 2014 Calendar

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