Evergreen Calendar

Evergreen Calendar

Simple Evergreen Calendar

The minimalist in you can rejoice with our Evergreen calendar template, created especially for the person who just needs the most important information in front of them. This simple excel calendar template is easy to read and use, and completely free.

How to use the Evergreen Calendar

Download the Evergreen calendar template and choose the year you want to view. Automatically, the one page Excel template will fill in the dates, months, and nationally recognized holidays for that year. It will also fill in what the current date is at the top.

At this point, you can leave the calendar as it is and have it displayed on your computer or printed for reference. You can also add in your own important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and events. The important dates will be automatically highlighted on the calendar so you can view them throughout the year easily.

Tips on using the Evergreen Calendar

The Evergreen Calendar Excel template is designed to be simple and straight-forward. The best way to use it is to enter in the dates and events you care most about, and keep it updated throughout the year as needed. Keep a copy on your computer, tablet, and phone to view as needed, and also print out the one page document to keep at your desk. By keeping the Evergreen calendar Excel template easily accessible, you’ll never forget an important date again.

Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Evergreen Calendar