Evergreen Calendar Template in Black


This simple Excel template calendar comes in a black background with light colored text to create a contrasting look to other calendars. The Evergreen calendar features a 12-page monthly template with room for listing events, notes, and reminders. This simple template is easy to navigate and also provides many options for the user on-the-go.

How to use the Evergreen Calendar Template

Download the calendar template from the link below, and it will open up in a regular Excel page. Next, type in the year and starting day of the week, and the template will automatically update the 12-page document with the rest of the year’s dates. After that, all you have left to do is customize!

Select a date block and enter in the event, birthday, anniversary, or other reminder. You can have multiple events on the same day, each in a brightly colored text to stand out against the black background. In addition, there is a note column to keep tidbits such as grocery lists and other little reminders.

Tips on using the Evergreen Calendar Template

Though this Excel calendar template is simple to use, there are many ways to utilize it to get the maximum benefit:

  • Print 3 months of the calendar off at a time and hang them in an area you see often. This will help you be reminded of upcoming events and what to do to prepare for them.
  • View the Notes column daily so you’ll be reminded of things that need to be done that don’t have a date set for completion.
  • Utilize the Notes area to keep track of people to call, essentials to buy, and ideas for gifts or other surprises. Having an Excel-based place to put random notes can be very handy, especially for busy people.
  • Share your calendar with your family or friends if they’re involved in many of the events you’ve recorded. Because the template is in Excel, everyone can access it.

Get your yearly planning started today. Template courtesy of Microsoft.

Download: Evergreen Calendar in Black