Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview

Employee Exit Interview

Most companies hold exit interviews for employees who are planning on leaving the company since a lot of useful information can be gathered from one. The type of information collected from this type of interview can vary from person to person and can provide very valuable feedback since all employees will have different reasons for leaving the company. The free Employee Exit Interview from Template Haven can help you accumulate the information you need from departing employees to make your company stronger.

There are a few ways that an employer or manager can get their employee to sit down and give feedback using our free Employee Exit Interview template. The first option is for the manager to sit down with the departing employee and ask the questions verbally. The manager would then fill in the exit interview template themselves. The second option involves handing the form to the employee and having them fill it out on their own time or the day before they leave work. They would then hand it to their manager or supervisor when they’ve completed it.

Using the Employee Exit Interview Template

  • The exit interview template is free, and customizing it is a snap. Follow these suggestions to get the most out of your template.
  • Insert a list of instructions at the beginning of the template informing the employee how to fill the form out. Let the employee know that it’s important to fill out every answer as accurately as they can.
  • Change the answers in the “choose an item” dropdown menu on the form and make them your own.
  • When asking an open-ended question, ensure there are enough lines and enough space to make sure the employee properly answers the question.

Employee Exit Interview Template Tips

  • Most companies format their answers in the form of strongly agree, disagree, agree, and so on. You can add your own answers easily, but make sure the answer is appropriate.
  • A good idea is to add a feedback section where the employer leaves their own comments about said employee. The employer can leave thoughts about the performance of the departing employee as well as different areas where the employee could show improvement.

Download: Employee Exit Interview

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