DMAIC Template


DMAIC Template

Whether in business or life, the ultimate goal is to improve each and every day. Often times, it helps to have a visual aid to assist you when you feel you are going off the rails or you are ready to try new things. A flowchart can help illustrate the possibilities and potential outcomes of a decision, and the new DMAIC template can give you the necessary tools to succeed.

The DMAIC template from Microsoft is available as a complimentary instant download on this page, so you can begin taking advantage of its benefits right away.

Don’t waste another day wondering where your plan went wrong. Download the Microsoft DMAIC template and get moving in the right direction today.

Overview of the Microsoft DMAIC Template

The DMAIC template is designed to be used in conjunction with Visio software from Microsoft. After you’ve successfully downloaded the free DMAIC template by clicking the link available on this page, unzip the file and open it up using Visio. Before proceeding, it’s always recommended to save an unedited copy of the DMAIC template somewhere on your hard drive so that you will have a fresh copy in the event you require one down the road.

Using the Microsoft DMAIC Template

The “DMAIC” in DMAIC template is an acronym that stands for the following:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

Within each term is a lists of tasks you will complete as you work through the flowchart. For example, the tasks listed for “Define” include, identify core team, develop preliminary team charter, and identify map as-is process. Once these tasks have been completed or defined, you can advance to the next stage of the DMAIC template. Continue this process until all stages of the DMAIC template are complete.

The DMAIC template can dramatically improve your level of efficiency. Download this incredible flowchart template for free right here today!

Download: DMAIC Template