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Free Deposit Ticket Template

Spending time at the bank is something business owners or employees do on a fairly regular basis. Filling out deposit slips comes with the task, and can take up an incredible amount of valuable time if you’re in a rush. Now, businesses can save both time and money with the deposit ticket template from Microsoft.

The deposit ticket template is a well-designed sheet from Microsoft that allows you to start and finish your deposit slips quickly and easily. The deposit ticket template can be downloaded instantly. Once downloaded, the deposit ticket template is fully functional and ready to be used.

Best of all, the deposit ticket template won’t cost you a cent as it is completely complimentary courtesy of!

About the Deposit Ticket Template

The deposit ticket template comes in the form of an easy-to-read, use and understand Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The top of the template is reserved for the ticket number, as well as the company name, street address and phone number. Next, input the date of the deposit.

The next step in using the deposit ticket template is to total the amount of coins and currency will be included in the deposit. There is also ample room for checks, as you can include as many as 23 different checks on the deposit ticket template.

Once all the financial information has been added to the template, you will place the total amount of money to be deposited at the bottom of the form. Take this total and add it to the side bar in the violet box. This box is easily identifiable.

Finally, add the bank’s name, the city and state in which it is located, and the account number. Your deposit ticket is now completely filled out and ready to use!

Download Your Own Deposit Ticket Template Today!

As a business owner or employee, you have enough tasks and priorities to worry about. Make your day a little less stressful with the deposit ticket template from Microsoft. Download and print the Microsoft deposit ticket template absolutely free right here at today!

Download: Deposit Ticket Template

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