Comprehensive Personal Budget

Comprehensive Personal Budget

The Comprehensive Personal Budget is a unique tool that allows you to analyze your home budget and make the necessary changes to turn any financial disarray into financial success! With multiple ways to view your spending habits, this template will give you a method to save for the future. No more calculators or hassle, this budget does all the number-crunching and gives you workable data. You can then use the information the template provides to have a better understanding of your financial situation and work towards your goals!

Comprehensive Personal Budget Instructions

The first step is to download the free file located at the bottom of this page. Click the link below to begin the downloading process.

Start on the “Personal Budget” tab and enter your income in the green “Income” table. There is a place to enter your salary, pension, and anything else that attributes to your monthly income.
The next step is to head down to the blue “Savings Goal” table. Here, you will enter your projected savings for the end of the month. This gives you a goal to strive for over the month.

The last few tables are where you will enter your expenses for the month. The budget provides you with multiple examples, but you can change any of these by clicking inside a cell and typing something new.

When you finish entering all the above information item, simply scroll to the bottom of the page to receive a detailed overview of all your expenses and the amount of money you have left over.
The “Dashboards” tab will give you a variety of different graphs and ways to views this information in a neat and organized way. Now you can have all your financial information in a single glance.

Why You Should Use the Comprehensive Personal Budget

By using the free budget, you have the opportunity to work out your finances in a positive way. This information is imperative in understanding your spending habits. You can use this important data to change the way you spend your money to solve any problems in life. Never let another cent escape your grasp by using this budget template!

Download: Comprehensive Personal Budget