Comprehensive NCAA Tournament Bracket

Comprehensive NCAA Tournament Bracket

Now you can master the March Madness season by downloading the free Comprehensive NCAA Tournament Bracket. This document gives you a one stop station to enter everything from seeding to the list of a team’s overall score as they progress through the tournament. This template will walk you through everything you need to enter and give you the best way to track your teams and their rate of success so far. If you want to be prepared this basketball season, download the Tournament Bracket today to trounce your friends and their favorite teams with your top picks.

How to Use the Comprehensive NCAA Tournament Bracket

To begin, download the free template by clicking the link provided at the bottom of the page. Now, you are free to start customizing your own personal Tournament Bracket.

Next, click on the “Data” tab at the bottom of your screen. In the year column, enter the current year and continue to go through the columns and enter all the relevant information listed above.

The next step is to enter the round and scores for each team. You can use the drop-down menus to change any of the information to match the current data.

When you have everything filled out go to the “seed” column and enter each team into the proper categories according to their seed number. You can find a current seed list online.
The “Round Success by Seed” tab is an extra feature where you can enter the statistics of the winning and losing teams so far.

The “Bracket” tab will take the teams you’ve entered in the seeding tab and transfer that information to a workable bracket sheet. When you change the data in the “Data” tab, the teams will advance according to the information you enter.

Finally, the “Round By Relative Seed” and “Bracket 2” tabs are sections to play out your information in different ways. The second Bracket takes the information from the relative seeding list to give you a different set of results.

Prepare for March Madness in the most comprehensive way possible, using the NCAA Tournament Bracket.

Download: Comprehensive NCAA Tournament Bracket