Complaint for Defamation of Character

Complaint for Defamation of Character

The free Complaint for Defamation of Character is ready and waiting to help you through any incident of employees exhibiting malicious behavior towards you or another employee. You will be provided with a Complaint for Defamation of Character page that lists out all the necessary items you need to include for your superiors. Ideally, you will go through the document and enter all the items that are displayed. When you have your meeting or discuss the situation with a superior, you can have this document waiting to go. You can also keep these stock-piled in case this happens to employees that you personally supervise.

Using the Complaint for Defamation of Character

Follow the link at the bottom of this page to download the template.

Start at the top of the page where the sentence begins. You will then follow the narrative of the paragraph, filling in the information in the blank spaces.

As an example, in the first paragraph, you would enter your address, place of employment, the number of years you’ve been employed with this employer, and the nature of the incident.

As you make your way through the document, you can also edit the intimation to include items that you feel are important and should be brought up. This template is a simple Word document that you can edit by highlighting a word or sentence then replacing it with something else by typing a new item.

You can then print the document by scrolling to the top of the page and selecting “File” then “Print” up in the Home Ribbon.

You can see how easy it becomes to keep track of this information for both you and your employees. To keep order in the workplace and make the environment safe for anyone this year, download the free template today to get started.

Download: Complaint For Defamation Of Character

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