College Budget Template

College Budget Template

Living the college life can be a fun and enriching time in your life but it can also be pretty hard if you don’t have the cash. The College Budget Template was designed to help college students, just like you, save money on a monthly budget. You can live the life you want while you study using this simple budget sheet. All you need to do is enter the types of things you spend your money on and use the information the template provides you with useful data to adjust your spending over time. You will finally have more money for books, food, and even a little fun while you’re enjoying the college experience.

How to Use the College Budget Template

To download the free College Budget sheet, you will need to follow the link at the bottom of this page to download the template.

At the top of the page, you will find a space to enter your starting balance and also a space to enter the number of months within a semester.

The first table (highlighted in brown) is where you will enter your income sources. The College Budget Template gives you a list of various sources such as loans, government funding, scholarships, etc. You will simply go through all the columns of a semester and enter the amount you expect to receive.

You can change the examples by clicking inside a cell and adding something new. This way, if you want to add income from a job or from family, you can do that as well.

Now, scroll down to the expenses table and start filling in the sections that apply to you. Each section is broken down into separate semesters depending on the number of months you wrote from the cells above. In the examples, semesters are three months so every three columns contain expense and income information for that period of time.

You will find that the last column of both the expense and income tables give you the total amount you earned/owe for the entire school year. The totals at the very bottom of the page take all this information into account to give you a total that reflects your expenses subtracted from your income.

Using this information, you can see exactly how much you will owe at the end of each semester and adjust your spending to go from debt to depositing money into a savings account.

Download: College Budget Template