Club Dues Tracker

Club Dues Tracker

Many clubs and organizations require monthly or yearly dues to sustain itself. This money is usually recycled back into the club by purchasing supplies, funding events, and club maintenance. Because club dues are used for timely reasons, it’s important to keep track of what members have paid their dues on time. The Club Dues Tracker is the perfect way for an organization to fluidly track the members who have and have not paid their dues monthly. Store contact information and generate overdue notices with this easy to use template.

How to use the Club Dues Tracker

Download the two page Excel spreadsheet using the link below. When opened, you will see it is pre-populated to help guide your customization. Begin by entering the names and contact information of each member below the graph. Then, view your records and enter in the date the member joined and how much they’ve paid. Ignore the last column reading “Total Due” and change the “Total Due Each Month” amount in the top left corner below the graph. Once that is done, you’ll see the graph and “Total Due” column automatically update with the new data.

At the bottom, select the “Dues Payment Details” tab. Here is where you’ll enter dates each member has paid. This is a good way to manually track when payments were made. Switching over to the “Dues Tracker” tab, you will see in yellow lettering on the last column any overdue notifications. The dropdown arrow tab on the “Total Due” column can be used to sort by people who owe and people who don’t.

Tips on using the Club Dues Tracker

  • Keep this Excel sheet between the club Treasurer and other club leaders. Printing it and displaying it publically may cause some members to leave the club.
  • Be responsible about entering in when dues are paid. No club member wants to be hassled to pay their dues when they already have.
  • Use the automated graph to track dues easily. You can visually see when someone becomes 50% or more overdue.
  • Use this template as a tool for budgeting. By keeping track of when a member pays their dues, you’ll be able to know exactly when money will flow in each month.

Download the Club Dues Tracker


Template courtesy of Microsoft