Cholesterol Level Tracker

Cholesterol Level Tracker

Bad cholesterol, too much, too little, either way, you look at it, you need to keep your cholesterol levels under control and the free Cholesterol Level Tracker is here to help you accomplish that goal. The template document has all the right moves to help you take charge of your cholesterol once and for all and finally get it under control. This simple template will show you the days of the month casually listed din order and you will simply enter the information as it is displayed in the columns above. Over time, you will begin to recognize trends and general patterns in your cholesterol levels and make changes to your diet or exercise routine, accordingly.

Using the Cholesterol Level Tracker

To download this free template file directly to your computer, just follow the link we have provided at the bottom of this page.
You will want to start by changing the dates listed in the template. Go through and enter the correct date as you continue through the template.

You may then start listing your cholesterol levels from day to day. You can also change the dates as you go to make things easier.

In a new column of the template, enter your cholesterol level for the day, the HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, and any notes that you feel are important to list for a doctor to know later on.

As you make your way through the template you will eventually have a complete overview for the month once 30 days have passed from there, you can see what trends begin to appear. Maybe on days where you had less protein, your cholesterol has affected some way.

Using this template you can make adjustments in your daily schedule to improve your health for the better.

Download: Cholesterol Level Tracker

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