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Free Calendar Wizard

Creating your own custom calendar has never been quicker or easier with the calendar wizard from Microsoft. The calendar wizard template is available as a free, instant download on this page. Continue reading below to learn how you can begin using this incredible calendar tool today!

How to Use the Microsoft Calendar Wizard

To get the Microsoft calendar wizard, simply click on the download link available on this page. After downloading, open the calendar wizard in Microsoft Word. To begin editing the calendar wizard, you will need to enable Macros by clicking on the enable content tab. Once enabled, the calendar wizard box will open in a pop window. The pop up will allow to create a custom monthly calendar.

The calendar wizard will first ask you what style of calendar you would like to create. Your options include boxes & borders, banner, and jazzy. Once you’ve selected a style, click next to advance in the calendar wizard.

Next, you will select the direction in which you want to print your calendar. Your options are portrait and landscape. The calendar wizard also asks you if you would like to leave room for a picture. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click next.

The calendar wizard will then ask you to select the starting and ending months as well as the year(s). With the calendar wizard, you can create a calendar for a month, a quarter, a season, or the entire year. Keep in mind that if you are making calendars for future months, the calendar wizard automatically defaults to the present month. Once you have selected the month range and typed in the year(s), click next.

After all the information has been added, the calendar wizard has all the answers it needs to create your new custom calendar. Simply click finish and your new calendar will appear in the form of a Word document. From here, you can make any custom alterations you may need or begin to make notes for important dates and events. The calendar is also ready to be printed off and taken with you wherever you go.

Never miss an important date again with the calendar wizard. Download the free Microsoft template from today!

Download: Calendar Wizard