Business Reimbursement Template

Business Reimbursement Template

The business reimbursement template is here to keep your employees and your company better organized for business trips. This simple template is the perfect tool for you or your employees. This document will get straight to the point by allowing you or your staff to enter the essentials of their expenses in the indicated areas of the free template. You will simply print the pages and have your workers fill them out when they travel on behalf of the company. They can enter descriptions, costs, and much more, using this expense sheet. You can download this template for free by reading the instructions below.

Using the Business Reimbursement Template

You can start in the “Categories” tab, located at the bottom of this page. You will enter items that can be covered by the business here in a more broad sense. For example, you’ll cover all travel expenses simply by entering a “Travel” category.

There are a few examples already in the Reimbursement Template, but you can change these by clicking the cell and typing something new.

Next, click on the “Expense Report” tab to continue filling out the document. When you or your employees are using the document, they will enter their employer’s name, work ID (if applicable), the manager’s name, department, and finally the reason for their travel. To the right, you can also enter the “Expense Period” (duration of travel).

The last section, the table, is for entering expenses one-by-one. When you have an expense that is covered by the company, you will simply enter the date, a brief description, the category from the previous tab, and the exact cost.

The Business Reimbursement Template will calculate the totals at the bottom of the document. When you have finished your trip, you would just print the document and hand it to the employer/manager upon your arrival.
There is also a section for both people to sign and verify the information after looking at the accompanying receipts for reimbursement.

Download: Business Reimbursement Template

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