Business Organizational Chart


Business Organizational Chart Template

Many business professionals are asked to generate organizational charts at one time or another. These charts allow those of authority to get an overview of how the company is structured. They also allow those in positions of power to make changes when they are necessary. Now, making an organizational chart is easier than ever before thanks to the business organizational chart template from Microsoft.

The Microsoft business organizational chart allows you to note where everyone ranks within a company in a simple, clear and easy-to-read document. The business organizational chart also saves money, as it’s available as a free download right here at Template Haven.

Create a company hierarchy quickly and easily with the complimentary business organizational chart template from Microsoft and today!

How to Use the Microsoft Business Organizational Chart Template

After you’ve downloaded the business organizational chart template, you’ll open the file up in Microsoft PowerPoint. When you’re ready to begin modifying the business organizational chart, click on it and use the tools available on the organization chart toolbar.

The first step in filling out the template is to add your own title to the chart. Beneath the title, you will notice a hierarchy diagram. Whoever is in charge of the department will be placed at the top of the diagram. Those directly beneath the person in charge will be placed in the boxes below. You can repeat this process until all boxes on the business organizational chart are filled in.

You also have the capability to create your own chart. To accomplish this, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Insert menu
  • Point to Picture
  • Click on Organization Chart

Simplify the process of creating an organizational chart with the business organizational chart from Microsoft. Download your copy of the business organizational chart for FREE from Microsoft and Template Haven today!

Download: Business Organizational Chart