Business Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda

Business Meeting Agenda Template

Nothing slows down a day’s work than a business meeting that lasts too long because it gets off topic. While open-ended meetings can allow for brainstorming and collaboration, sometimes you simply need a meeting to cover a specific topic and that’s it. Our one page Business Meeting Agenda template allows you to plan an efficient meeting that won’t go awry.

How to use the Business Meeting Agenda Template

Start by downloading the template from the link below and open it into Word. From here, you’ll view an organized, one-page agenda with brackets around each item that needs to be customized.

Start by entering your [Meeting name]. A good tip is to be clear what the meeting will focus on, so use specific words such as “401k plan changes meeting” rather than “Staff Meeting Agenda”.

Next, fill in the four lines of information below to let attendees know the date, time, and place of the meeting.

Under Agenda Items, list the start and end time of the entire meeting, and below that you’ll get into more detail. Divide the allotted time into smaller time frames and dedicate those to specific agenda items. For instance, you can choose to spend the first 20 minutes of the meeting showing a PowerPoint, and then allow 10 minutes for explanations, and another 15 minutes for questions.

There are also the options for changing the location if the meeting needs to use different rooms, and a space for additional information. Utilize this bottom portion to advise attendees on if they need to bring anything to the meeting, research a topic beforehand, or respond to the invite by a certain time.

The best tip that will make this simple business meeting agenda template the most useful is to hand it out early, before the meeting. This way, everyone attending knows what to expect and knows exactly what time is allotted.

Avoid off-topic discussions and meetings that run too long. Download the Business Meeting Agenda template through the link below and get started today. Template provided by Microsoft.

Download:  Business Meeting Agenda

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