Baby Girl Birth Announcement Template

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Template

Announcing the birth of your new girl has never been so easy and adorable!

Effortlessly make your own baby girl birth announcement cards, so you can share this special event with friends and family that couldn’t be there in person for this wonderful event.
There’s no reason they can’t receive all the exciting details of your girl’s birth.

How to Create your Unique Baby Girl Birth Announcement

To begin making the perfect template to announce your daughter’s birth, download the file and click on the document to begin. The file will instantly show you the unique, yet simple, design so you can begin customizing the card template.

Click on any textual information to change the title and announcement to suit you. You can change the title for the template, the birth date, the new name of your precious girl, and even the font, so everything is perfect when you send it out to your loved ones.

Now it’s time for the most important change of the baby girl card, the picture. Easily right-click on the image you want to change and scroll down to the “Change Picture” tab to select the photo you want on your computer. Then just choose any photo of your new girl from your computer.

Once you have made everything exactly right with your birth announcement card, you can scroll to the top of the page and select the “View” tab, allowing you to see how the announcement card will look when they’re printed and ready to be sent out to the ones closest to your heart.

Overview of the Baby Girl Birth Announcement Template

  • Simple format allows you to easily customize the announcement of her birth
  • Conveniently lets you view the baby girl cards before you print
  • One of the fastest and most unique ways to send loved ones the great news

Download: Baby Girl Birth Announcement Template