Baby Boy Birth Announcement Template

Baby Boy Birth Announcement Template

You want to share the joy you’ve just experienced from the little miracle you brought into the world with your friends and family. The free Baby Boy Birth Announcement Template gives you the opportunity to create stunning announcement cards without relying on a designer! Share one of your most cherished memories with the people you love.

How to Use the Baby Boy Announcement Template

After downloading, simply click on the Word document containing the birth announcement template to open the file. From there, you will be able to see the adorable layout, which allows you to customize the information and photos.

With birth announcement cards like these, you can start by making your very own clever title at the top of the page, announcing the birth of your new boy. Add your son’s name, located at the top, under your announcement title, by typing the section marked “Carter Oliver” and input the new name with a font that speaks to you.

The Baby Boy Template shows you where to put all the great details of your son’s birth, such as: the weight, height, time of birth, and the date!

Finally, it’s time to add a new picture of your boy on the birth announcement template. Right-click on the stock photo and select “Change Picture”, then just choose any photo of your new baby boy from your computer.

Once you have made everything perfect with your birth announcement cards, you can scroll to the top of the page and select the “View” tab, allowing you to see how the birth announcement will look when they’re printed and ready to be sent out to your friends and family.

Why Use this Baby Birth Announcement?

If you want to share this huge moment with the people you love, but they are out of town, live in another area, or simply had to be at work, then this announcement is the perfect way to show them the great news. The birth announcement template offers you the easiest way to customize your precious moment and inform the people you care about in a cute and unique way. Be sure to keep everyone in the loop about your new bundle of joy.

Download: Baby Boy Birth Announcement Template