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Any wine connoisseur knows that keeping track of one’s stock is very important. Whether it’s an individual collector or a winery, it’s important to be sure that wine is properly labeled. Rather than buying an expensive software suite to slap that information onto a wine bottle though, individuals can simply download the free Avery wine label template.

What is the Avery Wine Label Template?

The Avery wine label template is a simple, straightforward Word document that an individual can customize to his or her own needs. All it takes is Microsoft Word 2003 or later, and an Internet connection. An individual merely downloads the template, opens it up, makes the changes he or she wants to make, then saves those changes. The labels are then printed on sticker paper, and all the user needs to do is peel them off and stick them onto the bottles, or onto the shelves, in question to show what the contents are.

Are There Other Benefits to the Avery Wine Label Template?

The Avery wine label template comes with a wide variety of benefits for those who choose to use it. For instance, the wine label template is completely free to download. That doesn’t mean it’s free to download once, or even the first three times; it’s free to download every, single time one needs to use it. So whether the original download gets lost, over-written, corrupted, deleted, or otherwise is missing in action all someone has to do is go and download a fresh one.

In addition to the non-existent cost of this wine label template, individuals who use it will find that they’ve saved time as well as money. There’s no need to download an extra suite of software since most computers support Microsoft Word, and there’s no need to learn a whole new set of commands. If someone can use Microsoft Word, then that individual can make wine labels that are smooth, informative, and which can help keep even the biggest collection in the proper order. That kind of power and savings makes this template an ideal documentation method.

Download: Avery Wine Label Template

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