Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template


Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template Free

The Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template is the perfect choice for your advertising needs. A well-designed brochure is a powerful marketing tool. Fill it with useful information about your company and the products and services you offer. There is no need to fuss with where to fold the brochures as the template matches Avery brochure card stock. It is available free of charge and downloadable from this page. The Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template is completely customizable and very easy to use.

How to Use the Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template

  • Start by placing your corporate logo in the designated area
  • Add your branding statement or corporate ‘tag line’ where marked
  • Place your full street address, phone number, website and e-mail address in the appropriate area
  • Include your corporate mission statement where marked

Tips for Using the Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template

  • Keep sentences short and to the point. Long-winded sentences lose the attention of the reader quickly
  • Mail merge is an excellent tool for inserting the names and addresses of the recipients
  • Work within the allotted margins of the setup. Printing outside of the margins will have a negative impact on the layout
  • There is plenty of space to add a photo if you wish
  • The brochure can be printed in color or black and white, depending on the look you want to achieve
  • Add as much relevant information about your business as you can. You will generate plenty of leads and promote brand awareness
  • Consider sharing tips and advice related to your business. People love to receive useful and practical information, especially if it is free
  • They are quick to produce, cost-effective and printable from the comfort of your office
  • Make sure you highlight the strengths of your business and answer any questions potential customers might have

Use the Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template to project your products and services in the most positive light. Outline the benefits your company offers and watch your business grow with this cost-effective form of advertising. The Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template is downloadable from this page, free of charge.

Download: Avery Tri Fold Brochure Template

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