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Free Avery Template 8386

In the world of typed-in gizmos and gadgets, nothing is still more memorable and affirming than holding something hand written. Index cards are a classic format for note-taking, studying, recipes and reminders to name a few uses and are still the first reach for item when trying to organize information. The Avery Template 8386 is downloadable and convenient to use, making it simple to have index cards at the tips of your fingers when you are in need of them.

How to Use Avery Template 8386

  • • This template is free to download
  • • The template is customizable to fit your needs and available in three 3×5 index cards per page or two 4×6 index cards
  • • Simply click the download button to add the Avery Template 8386 to your files

Tips for Using Avery Template 8386

  • • For best results and true index card feel we suggest purchasing Avery cards 5388, 5389, 5889 or 8386 to print on
  • • Index cards are the best to use for flashcards. Use to teach your toddler letters, school age children mathematics and study notes for older students.
  • • Recipes are best written on index cards and filed away in a recipe box. It is easier to follow a recipe simply written on a card than have to touch and expose your expensive electronics near food and liquids. If you spill on an index card the worst that will happen is that you have to re-write the recipe out.

Ideas for Successful Use of Avery Template 8386

  • For studying, memorizing facts or organizing plans and ideas, the act of hand-writing down the steps seems to cement them into our brain a little stronger and more firmly than quickly tapping into a keyboard. For example, if you want to change your diet or create an exercise plan, try using the index cards to strategize your plan. Plus, these cards are easy to reach for and even tape on the fridge or glove box as a reminder.
  • Index cards can make communication and tasks easier and quicker to process around the house. Try leaving an index card on the fridge or counter top in the kitchen with an ink pen, so when a grocery item is needed quickly jot it down. It will cut down on repeated trips to the store because a family member forgot to mention an item they were in need of. Keep index cards by the phone for family phone messages or informative notes.

Download: Avery Template 8386

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