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Free Avery Template 5931

Unlabeled CD’s and DVD’s can make organizing a work station or computer area very difficult. Checking to see what information is on each CD and DVD can take hours, depending on how many there are. Labeling them with pen is impossible, and labeling them with permanent markers is both messy and doesn’t look very professional, and of course not everyone has legible handwriting. The Avery Template 5931 can change all of that.

How to Use Avery Template 5931

To get started, download this free Avery Template 5931 right here from this page. Once you have the template downloaded, you can customize the form to fit your specific needs, whether it’s by adding a business name or your name. The Avery Template 5931 offers blue, green, orange, and purple colors, making it easy to keep track of which disc represents. Once you’ve chosen a color and what you’d like to have printed on the disc, simply print it out on sticker paper and then attach it to the CD or DVD.

The Avery Template 5931 can help any business or person keep track of their CD’s and DVD’s. Try using the convenient variety of colors to make all of them easier to organize, choose one color for computer programs and another for music. Or you could choose one color for specific work related projects only, and keep your workplace more organized that way. Another convenient way to use the color choices is to help keep track of which CD’s and DVD’s belong to whom.

By assigning each person in your family or work place a specific color, you can help to eliminate confusion and squabbling. By assigning different colors to different types of information, for instance a color for DVD’s, CD’s, and CD Rom’s, you can help to keep everything as organized as possible.

Avery Template 5931 can help you to keep your home and workplace discs much more organized, saving you and your family or coworkers time. The pleasing colors and easy to read labels will also make the time spent looking through your discs far more productive.

Download: Avery Template 5931

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