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Avery Template 5302 Free

Avery Template 5302 is a place card template that you can use for many purposes, but it usually is used for special occasions like weddings, banquets, or formal parties. Place cards are usually used to designate a dining table for specific guests, usually very important people, or they might be used to designate workplace areas such as a secretary’s desk or personnel offices. You may also want place cards if you are a teacher and want to assign seats for your students, or perhaps you’re having a lot of extended family over for the holidays and you want to have seating places labeled for them. Place cards are useful for many purposes and you can make them as fancy or as casual as you’d like.

How to Use Avery Template 5302

Avery Template 5302 does not require much work and you can download it for free immediately right here. If you would like to make a few adjustments to the template, here’s what you can do.

  • You can replace the names in the text boxes with any names you want. The names also don’t have to be personal names, they could be group or company names.
  • You can replace the sun and sand design background picture if you’d like to place your own in the box instead.
  • You can also move the designated cutting and folding lines around the template if you wish.

Tips for Using Avery Template 5302

  • Avery Template 5302 comes predesigned with perforated lines for cutting and folding. These are designed for place cards that are going to be cut, folded in half, and stand alone on the table. Sometimes you may want to use a place card holder to prevent the card from being blown away or accidentally knocked off of its location. In that case, you may want to label all of its perforated lines to be cut so that the place card can be placed in its holder.
  • You probably will want to make sure it is printed out on hard paper that doesn’t rip very easily, or you could print it out on regular paper and have it laminated and perforated if you wish.

Download: Avery Template 5302

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