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Free Avery Template 5163

Whether you’re are sending off large parcels for Ebay or large stacks of paper to close on our house, shipping labels can give your mailings a professional appearance. Rather than ordering specially made labels which you might only use once or twice, why not make them yourself on your own computer! The Avery Template 5163 ensures you can create the shipping label you need for the project you are working on when you want it.

How to Use Avery Template 5163

  • First, download Avery Template 5163, which you can find right here on this page. Select a directory anywhere on your computer which you can easily remember for the destination.
  • Open up your download history in your browser (CTRL-J for Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox). Choose the file you downloaded and select open folder to navigate directly to it.
  • Change the Avery Template 5163 shipping labels to conform to your needs. You can add in the address for both you and the destination to give them a professional look.
  • After you have finished modifying the shipping labels, save your template with a new name to make printing them out in the future simple.
  • Feed the Shipping Labels into your printer and begin printing them.

Tips for Using Avery Template 5163

  • You can tailor Avery Template 5163 to fit every shipping occasion. Add some clip-art or change the font or the text color. Go wild!
  • You can use Avery address labels 5163, 5261, 5661, 5961, 8161, and 8461 in the printer to make certain that the margins are correct on the labels.
  • The beauty of printing the labels yourself is you choose exactly how many labels you need. Many times you won’t need more than one or two. Only print out as many as you need as most printers will allow you to choose the location on the page to start printing you future shipping labels.

The Avery Template 5163 is useful whether you have a small business, are shipping gifts to family and friends for the holidays or just need to send some important documents. Give it a shot today!

Download: Avery Template 5163

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