Avery Template 5162

Avery Template 5162

Free Avery Template 5162

Office supplies can become costly and a waste of valuable time when business workers need to focus their effort on achieving the daily tasks, like dealing with customers and providing top of the art services to clients. When time isn’t on your side and money needs to be saved for something worth the investment, then it’s time to turn to Avery Template 5162.

This file document is fully customizable for addresses. Quick and easy to print out for little to no cost to you.

About Avery Template 5162

Avery Template 5162 is a customizable and free file document for download. They’re decorative address labels, around 4 inches long by 1 and a third inches tall. They should be perfectly compatible with Avery 5162, 5262, 5522, 5662, 5962, 8162, 8252, 8462, and 8662. They’re stylish and flashy, crafted in a special flourish design to help pull off a really professional look for you, hopefully to help impress clients.

  • Important!
    This Avery Template 5162 contains macros that have been validated by Microsoft. In order for the template to function correctly, make sure to click Enable Content when prompted to do so after downloading the file.
  • Stats
    The address labels are available in 14 copies per page; 4″ long by 1-1/3″ tall
  • Download Size
    The file download size is around 323 KB
  • Word Processing Program Compatibility
    Will work fine in Word 2007 or later

Avery Template 5162 is compact, stylish and professional, even though it’s free. Other resource downloading sites or services can sometimes become expensive, with little freedom to customize or edit. They can also be really shabby in terms of quality and style, which can even lead to a bad impression in clients and customers.

Others can also be hopelessly incompatible with certain Avery versions or word processing programs. With this document, you are promised to have a reliable and trustworthy address card to edit and print any way you see fit.

Download: Avery Template 5162

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