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Avery Table of Contents Template Free

A table of contents isn’t just a good idea; it’s an essential part of many documents. Whether it’s a huge, quarterly report or someone’s new novel it’s imperative to tell the reader where the different sections are. Making a table of contents from scratch is far from each though. Fortunately with the Avery table of contents template you don’t have to make the contents from scratch anymore.

What is the Avery Table of Contents Template?

The Avery table of contents template is, in short, a pre-made template that loads in Microsoft Word. The template has already been laid out, and all the user has to do is fill in the blanks with the page numbers and the chapter titles. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and it doesn’t require purchasing any special software to use. Even the template itself is completely free for those who want to make use of it for their own tables of contents.

How Does the Avery Table of Contents Template Work?

The template itself is pretty simple to understand. Users need to download the free template by clicking the link presented, and once it’s been downloaded open the Avery table of contents template. Click “Save As” and name the new file something memorable and appropriate like “Novel Title Table of Contents”. Once the file has been created all that’s left to do is to start filling in the blanks. The hard work of setting up the table of contents has already been done, and the template can be customized in minutes depending on how fast someone types.

The Benefits of the Avery Table of Contents Template

Aside from being easy-to-use and simple, the biggest benefits of the template are that it’s free, and that it requires no special program to use. As long as someone has a computer that supports Microsoft Office then he or she can use this template to put together a table of contents. Also, no matter how many times someone has to re-download the template, it’s will always be free. It can be put on a dozen devices, but the cost will never change.

Download: Avery Table of Contents Template

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