Avery T Shirt Template


Avery T Shirt Template Free

Do you have a special occasion looming in the near future and want customized t-shirts for the event? With the Avery T Shirt Template, inexpensive custom T-shirts are a cinch to design and create. Download this free iron on template right here on this site and begin designing the exact shirt you desire.

Creating a Design with the Avery T Shirt Template

  • Download your free customizable template and save it to your computer. Remember to choose an easy to find location for ease of access in the future.
  • Open the template file and create a design using picture editing software of your choice or searching online for a suitable picture or clip art. Begin by selecting the ‘Insert’ tab from the toolbar and choosing from picture, clip art, or shapes.
  • Move the picture or clip art to the desired location on your template and resize by dragging the edges to increase or decrease size. Easily add text by selecting text box and dragging the box to your desired location within the design. Click in the box and begin typing, then click outside the perimeter when finished.
  • When you are satisfied with the results, load the Avery T Shirt Template paper into your printer and select print.
  • After printing, trim around the design to remove excess transfer paper. Rounding the corners when trimming helps prevent edges from curling up.
  • The final step involves removing the backing from the design. Allow the garment to cool adequately before removing backing paper or you risk pulling the transfer off the shirt.

Quick Tips for Using the Avery T Shirt Template

  • Test your design on a plain white sheet of paper before printing on the Avery T Shirt Template to insure the design prints correctly.
  • To preserve color clarity and correctness use light colored or white cotton t-shirts.
  • Use a hard surface to iron transfers to shirts to enable you to use firm pressure to apply the transfer. Select the correct iron temperature for cotton.

Download a free copy of the Avery T Shirt Template from our site today and wear your customized t-shirt tomorrow.

Download: Avery T Shirt Template

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