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Free Avery Shipping Labels

If you have packages that need to be shipped and you need to reuse boxes and packaging, then Avery Shipping Labels may be just what you need. If you are reusing a box, it may already have labels on it from an earlier date. Using a regular label, the old information beneath it will still show through. These existing labels only make it harder for the post office to decipher the correct address and insure that your package is delivered where you desire. So whether you are reusing a padded envelope, Avery Shipping Labels use Trueblock Technology and guarantee that any existing writing underneath the label will be completely blocked out.

Ten labels will print off on each individual sheet. This template is compatible with Avery 5163, Avery 5263, Avery 5523, Avery 5663, Avery 5963, Avery 8163, Avery 8463 and Avery 8663.

Avery Shipping Labels Benefits

You may have access to these shipping templates for free. They are guaranteed to be smudge-free. Also, they will not jam your printer. This allows to you print quickly, with confidence, knowing that all you need to do is print the labels with your ink-jet printer, then you would just stick it to the package and ship. The labels are a crisp white to give you professional appearance. Depending on your type of paper, the labels can feature permanent adhesive. This will see to it that once your labels are placed on your package, they are secure and won’t weaken in grip. The labels are available in many different sizes. This allows you to be able to find the appropriate size for the particular package you are shipping. Avery Shipping Labels are sure to be able to meet all of your shipping needs.

How to Use the Avery Shipping Labels Template

Printed labels are always easier to read than hand-written labels. Our templates were designed to make it easy for you to create and customize your shipping labels. The steps are very straight-forward and user friendly. First, simply open up the template you desire. Second, format your template. Here you may arrange and place in the text. You have a choice of using the pre-designed templates or the blank templates. Finally, you just need to print the template. The templates will provide you with the exact layout for your labels.

Avery Shipping Labels were designed to provide busy people with a quick and easy solution. This is on-the-go shipping, at its best.

Download: Avery Shipping Labels

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