Avery Shipping Label Template


Free Avery Shipping Label Template

Printing shipping labels on the computer can be a simple and efficient task, if done with the proper tools. Many people find themselves struggling with margins, spacing or font sizes when they attempt to create shipping labels that will be printed on Avery label paper. One of the simplest tools that a person can use to easily print professional-quality shipping labels is to download and use an Avery shipping label template.

A total of 10 labels will print off on each individual sheet. The template is compatible with Avery 5163, Avery 5263, Avery 5523, Avery 5663, Avery 5963, Avery 8163, Avery 8463 and Avery 8663.

Benefits of Using an Avery Shipping Label Template

Using an Avery shipping label template will save a significant amount of time, and eliminate the frustration of trying to create a template from scratch. The template is available to download for free directly on this page, so users have no additional costs for this time-saving tool. Additionally, the template is customizable, so users can tailor the template specifically to their own needs.

Tips for Use of the Avery Shipping Label Template

Once the Avery shipping label template has been downloaded from this site there are several tips that will simplify the process of printing the labels.

  • First, look at the template to see the fields that are automatically listed on each label. These fields can be populated in two ways. The basic option is to delete the listed fields, and then retype the name and addresses that are needed for each label. This option is recommended when there are a small number of labels that are needed. A second option, which is recommended when there are a large number of labels to be printed, is to use a mail merge tool, which will take data from Excel and populate the fields automatically. Step-by-step instructions are available online for using a mail merge. Whichever option is selected, it is important to save the document frequently so that no information is lost. If necessary, adjust the font size and placement of the name and address so that everything fits properly into each box.
  • Second, remove all regular paper from the printer, and insert the pages of Avery labels into the printer, according to printer instructions.
  • Third, print the template document to the printer. The labels will print directly onto the paper.
  • Finally, remove the label from the printed page and stick it onto an envelope or shipping box.

Use of the Avery shipping label template comes at absolutely no cost, and will make the printing process smooth and efficient.

Download: Avery Shipping Label Template

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