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Avery Name Badge Template Free

Business depends on human relations. A business cannot make a sale without people to sell to, and a company is only as effective as the relationships it forms with human beings. People make commerce work, and the Avery name Badge Template empowers your business to make the right impression. With customized name badges, address labels and business cards your clients and associates will know you take them seriously and value their participation in your business.

The free software of the Avery name badge template allows you to easily set up and print a host of options, including name badges, note cards and more. All of this is available with the Avery name badge template. With designs suitable for any occasion, your next convention, get together, or meeting will have that individualized touch.

How to Use the Avery Name Badge Template

  • First, shop for your design by scrolling, pointing and clicking your mouse on options to the left of the window in the Avery name Badge Template screen. You can also click “See also” to the right for more options.
  • Next, download the template by clicking the green download button on the upper right corner of the screen. The download is free and the template is easy to use.
  • Finally, input your data. You can input manually by item, or import fields from data stored in programs like Excel.

Tips on Using the Avery Name Badge Template

  • Make sure to double check your spelling. Nothing leaves a worse impression than a name badge with a misspelled name.
  • Be aware that many of the designs download to Microsoft Word 2007 or later, and will not work with earlier versions. You may want to update your programming.
  • Keep in mind that the template offers more than a business service, having designs for festive occasions such as Holiday name badges to make your next celebration a success.
  • It’s a good idea to take your time when shopping for a design. With other options a mouse click away, it makes sense to spend some time navigating the site before committing yourself to a given selection.

Download: Avery Name Badge Template

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