Avery Name Badge Template 5395

Avery Name Badge Template 5395

Free Avery Name Badge Template 5395

With Avery name badge template 5395, you can create name badges and customize them for your employees, volunteers, or committee that you’re heading up. Name badges help give a professional appearance to employees and volunteers and they let others know that they can ask them for assistance. If your name badges are only going to be used for temporary purposes, they can simply be printed out and pinned on a suit using a simple pin or safety pin. If they’re going to be used permanently for daily work routines, you may want to have them printed and placed inside protective domes or on metal badge frames.

How to Use Avery Name Badge Template 5395

Avery name badge template 5395 is easy to customize and you can download it right here. This template has been specifically designed to operate with an Avery macro, so before you can make changes to the template, you must enable the macro. It is still a good idea to keep macros disabled by default for protection against malware.

  • When you enter in the names on the badges, you can adjust the font style if you’d like. That way if the name badges are being used for any formal events, they can have a more fancy look to them.
  • There is a field for the participant’s position title if appropriate. For some name badges, this may not be necessary, so if that is the case the position title field can just be deleted.
  • You should also add a company or organization logo in the upper left corner of the badge area.

Tips for Using Avery Name Badge Template 5395

  • When you use Avery name badge template 5395, you may also want to add customized colors to the background to make your name badges more appealing or to add a little bit of shininess to the background.
  • You may also want to add border lines or shapes to the template if your name badges are going to be cut into various shapes such as ovals, stars, or other designs.

Download: Avery Name Badge Template 5395

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