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Free Avery Mailing Labels

If you have a lot of mailings to send out, but you don’t have a lot of time on your hand to get it done you should consider Avery Mailing Labels. These labels will not only help you to save more time by speeding up the process, but it will also give your mail a professional high quality look. You can now enjoy the feeling of having your mail look like you spent more time and labor on it, than you actually did.

Avery Mailing Labels will never smudge or jam your printer. These labels are perfect for a variety of mailings. This includes invitations, holiday cards and more. Not only will you get your mailings done fast and with ease and save time, but you will also save money. Avery Mailing labels are always free to print. This makes giving your mailings a professional look, as easy as peeling and sticking the label on an envelope.

A total of 30 labels will print on a single sheet. The template is compatible with Avery 5160, Avery 5260, Avery 5660, Avery 5960, Avery 5979, Avery 8160 and Avery 18660.

How to Use Avery Mailing Labels

First, you will only need to download the template. After you download the template you will then be able to open it in Microsoft Word. Now, just open the template and you may begin to edit the text. It is pretty user friendly. However, just to be clear, here are the next steps. Where the field says ‘Customer Name’ replace that with the customer’s name and continue to fill out the rest of the template with the customer’s information. That’s it.

Avery Mailing Labels have a pop-up edge, for fast peeling. So after you have printed out your labels, you just need to fold the sheet between the labels and this will give you the pop-up effect. From here, you would just peel off what you need and then straighten the sheet out, back to flat.

Avery Mailing Labels are easy to customize and were made to be as efficient as possible. The templates were designed with the average user in mind. You do not have to be a shipping expert or anywhere close to that to use these label templates. Now, your mailings can look high-quality and professional, without you spending the usual time and money required to accomplish this.

Download: Avery Mailing Labels

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