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Downloadable Avery Label Template

Wedding planning can be stressful for the bride to be. The whole process needs a lot of followups and that’s why some may seek assistance from wedding planners. Wedding planners will help reduce the stress and they will be the ones tasked to make the wedding a success without involving the brides too much.

Some may not be able to afford the services of wedding planners and may be tasked to do it all by themselves, so they will need to make their own return address labels to invite guests to their wedding. In this digital age, it is easier to come up with a computer generated return address label with the help of an Avery label template.

Templates are used to customize a given return address label to fit your needs and afford you a fast and easy way to generate them in a professional manner. For our return address labels (Black and White wedding design), which works well with Avery 5160, you can download our template for free and customize it to your specific needs. Please find the steps below for using the Avery label template.

Using the Avery Label Template

  • First, fill in the customizable guest list and save the file. Make sure you include the physical address and phone number.
  • Choose the paper that most suits you and check the print settings to see that they are correct before printing.
  • After printing the labels, cut them out to the required size and then send them to your guest.

Please find some guidelines below on how to minimize the time spent designing your own Avery label template, and instead customize the one provided with easy to follow tips.

Tips on How to Use Our Avery Label Template

  • If you have have a long list of guests, it is easier to use the mail merge function to repeat the process automatically without having to type the names over and over again.
  • Chose a matching envelope that will complement your labels.
  • Make sure you send the wedding return address labels in time for safe and stress free delivery.

Download: Avery Label Template

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