Avery Label Template 8160


Free Avery Label Template 8160

Labels are used all over the world for millions of purposes and in various sizes. These are used for mailing, identification, personal labeling and other purposes. They are important in that they import an important message regarding the item to which they are attached. Many people have found the convenience of designing their own label by using Avery Label Template 8160.

About Avery Label Template 8160

This template is 8.5″ by 11″ and reproduces 30 labels (3 columns, 10 each) per page. These labels have many uses for the home or office. In addition, using this template is easy and an excellent way to express your organizational style while meeting personal needs.

This template is:

  • Available free of charge on this page
  • Can be immediately downloaded
  • Makes it simple to print desirable labels

Construction of Avery Label Template 8160

  • The template is planned according to your specifications
  • It is designed by foremost artists in the field
  • A wide variety of colors and designs are available
  • It is easily printed on a laser or ink jet printer

Suggested Uses of Avery Label Template 8160

This template can be designed to fit many personal or business needs. This includes things such as:

  • File folder labels
  • Return addresses
  • Crafts and scrapbooking
  • Holiday designs
  • Labels for canning jars
  • Gift tags
  • Labeling items such as homemade soap wrappings

Planning Using Avery Label Template 8160

Using a Avery Label Template 8160 to make labels is not difficult. Only you are aware of what you wish to express in labeling a particular item or object. This includes print size, color, design and so forth. Avery label template 8160 offers the opportunity to express your own personality and abilities. This template is available in any size print that fits the label and it will easily identify your item, address or product.

Download: Avery Label Template 8160

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