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Free Avery Label Template 5366

When computers first came on the scene, office workers were promised a paperless office. Everything would be digitized and the files and folders of the past would be just that, the past. Well, anyone in today’s modern office can attest to the fact the paperless office has not come to pass and paper is more prevalent than ever. Those handy desktop printers made paper much easier to produce. Well, that same printer can help produce labels to keep that paper organized.

Paper is everywhere and file folders are still a big part of keeping that paper corralled. Neatly labeled file folders can turn a mound of paper into an organized paper management system, that means the right paper can be found exactly when needed. The Avery Label Template 5366 can help with labeling those file folders. This template is free and available on this page for easy download.

How to Use Avery Label Template 5366

The Avery Label Template 5366 is easy to use.

  • In your word processing program find the label that corresponds with the size of the labels (30 per page)
  • Begin typing in the labels
  • Use the tab to move from one label to the next label.
  • When the labels are done, print and use.

Don’t worry if you don’t need to make 30 labels at a time. The easy to use template will start in the label you designate as the starting label and move from there. The Avery Label Template 5366 will work if you want to make a label or a page of labels, so there is no waste in labels.

Tips for Using Avery Label Template 5366

The Avery 5366 labels work with both manila folders as well as hanging folders for a coordinated look for your filing cabinet. These labels are also handy wherever a small label is needed such as the front of CD cases.

Download Avery Label Template 5366 here for free and make file folder labels that will make filing that much easier and retrieving papers that much faster.

Download: Avery Label Template 5366

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