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Free Avery label template 5167

As much as our society moves toward completing transactions with technology, it seems paper mail will always be a key part of life. Handwriting a return address can get tedious, especially when you are mailing large quantities of articles at once. By the time you finish a large stack of envelopes, who knows if your handwriting will even be legible anymore. Avery Label Template 5167 allows you to print up to 80 return address labels on one page in basic, easily readable text. Add an extra level of professionalism to all of your mailings with easy to create return address labels.

Easily save personal or, even more importantly, company time by creating full pages of return address labels. Simply print your labels, then remove and affix them to your mail. What could be more easy and time-saving? Keep your employees working on productive tasks. Don’t let them get bogged down in writing one return address after another. At home, save yourself precious time to be with your family or to get other more important things done. Download Avery Label Template 5167 for return address labels and get started on creating attractive, professional looking return address labels today!

How to Use Avery Label Template 5167

  • To start using this label template, simply download it for free straight from this page.
  • Once you have downloaded it, the template is easily customizable to suit your design taste.
  • Open a new document using the Avery Label Template 5167, and fill in your address information.
  • In no time, you are ready to print 80 return address labels!

Tips for Using Avery Label Template 5167

  • Begin with inserting your basic info: Name/Business name, street address, city and zip code.
  • Use different fonts to differentiate your name from the address line.
  • If you are sending mail to clients or vendors, consider including your phone number.
  • Use your imagination to create the return address label that will separate you from your competitors or make your friends feel like they are extra special.

Download: Avery Label Template 5167

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