Avery Label Template 5164


Free Avery Label Template 5164

The visual representation of a business should be professional to make a good, first, lasting impression on both potential and current customers. One way can be through a company’s mailing label. Avery Label Template 5164 not only allows businesses to conveniently make labels for their mail, but also can make a company’s mailing label look professional.

This template is provided by the office supply company, Avery, and distributed by Microsoft. Avery Label Template 5164 is an easy-to-use, customizable template. It is also free to download on this page.

How to Use Avery Label Template 5164

  • First, fill in your company name and mailing address on the first part of the first label.
  • Second, fill in a customer’s name and address.
  • Third, repeat steps one and two for your other customers.

Tips On Using Avery Label Template 5164

  • You can use an entire page for each customer. That way you can have many mailing labels per customer.
  • Each page has six labels. You can organize your customers in such a way that you can send the same type of mail to six selected customers. For example, six of your customers may be subscribed to receiving the same type of mail. You can record and save their addresses on one page as a separate document.
  • Fill out your company name and address on the six empty slots first and save this on a separate document. That way, filling this information out on this template would not have to be so repetitive.
  • Rather than putting customer addresses, you can also use Avery Label Template 5164 to keep track of the addresses of your employees. This can be good because you can keep track of who to send checks or even special gifts to.
  • You can create two folders for the completed template documents that separate potential customers from current, loyal customers. This can help you focus on which customers to encourage to stay as customers and which customers to reward for being such loyal customers.

Download: Avery Label Template 5164

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