Avery Label Template 5163


Free Avery Label Template 5163

Labels are one of the most used products in a home or business office, and shipping labels imprinted with your custom details are essential to have for sending out your packages. It looks more professional than handwriting the addresses, and much faster when printing from a template. Avery label template 5163 is available on this page and can be used to create custom labels any time you need them. The template is free for you to download, and it is easy-to-use. For use with Microsoft Word 2007 or later.

How to Use Avery Label Template 5163

  • Click the download link below, and save Avery label template 5163 to your computer’s desktop or to any other folder of your choice.
  • Once you have downloaded the template open it to begin editing, and customizing the labels with your own information.
  • The areas you can edit are the company address, and the customer’s name and address. Enter the details you need for the labels in each space accordingly.
  • The template has ten 4 by 2-inch labels per page. They contain a green border, and a green gradient background.
  • The following label products are compatible with this template: Avery 5163, 5263, 5523, 5663, 5963, 8163, 8463, and 8663.

Tips for Using Avery Label Template 5163

  • Since the template is compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 you can change the font style, the size, and color. You can also add an image depending on space needed for details.
  • You can create shipping labels that customers can use to return a product – should they need to for any reason. Just reverse the details on the label, and include it with the package along with instructions on returns.
  • You can get creative and find other uses for labels designed with this template. Use it to create labels for organizing, and identifying the contents of boxes in storage

Using Avery label template 5163 is a convenient way to create custom shipping labels as you need them. The template is easy to customize, and can be used multiple times. Download it for free today, and in no time you will be creating your own great looking custom labels.

Download: Avery Label Template 5163

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