Avery Label Template 5162


Free Avery Label Template 5162

Creating professional, customized address labels is a mark of quality and consistency for a business or personal brand. Using the downloadable, easy-to-use Avery Label Template 5162 will allow you to create labels using your own artwork and choice of colors, themes and fonts. So download your template free on this page and follow these steps to create your labels:

How to Use Avery Label Template 5162

  • Download Avery label template 5162 for free from this page. There’s no cost associated with downloading the template.
  • Next you will begin inputting the information for your label in to the proper fields. The basics will be name, address, city, state and zip code. This is the step where you can choose the color and font for your label. Do this to personalize your design even more. Also, make sure that all of your spelling and information is correct. Your recipients will use this information to send you return communication.
  • Finally you will be ready to print your Avery Label Template 5162. Make sure that you have changed the paper in the printer to the Avery 5162 label paper. The labels should print the same way that any 8 1/2 x 11 runs through your printer. When complete your labels will be ready to use in any way you choose.

Tips for Using Avery Label Template 5162

  • Remember to choose a theme that is appropriate for the occasion. These labels are simple to design and complete using the customizable template so you can have a variety of labels for all purposes.
  • Double check all of your spelling and information before you print the labels. Incorrect information could keep you from receiving the return correspondence you are anticipating.
  • Don’t forget to save your label template when you are finished. This will allow you to quickly print additional labels in the future.

Designing your own custom address labels is simple and convenient when using this template. By using this personalization you will create a consistent quality of presentation with all of your labeling.

Download: Avery Label Template 5162

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