Avery Label Template 5160


Avery Label Template 5160 Free

The Avery Label Template 5160 is an address label template intended specifically for businesses that send a lot of letters or shipments to their customers. This template lets you create as many addresses as you need for your deliveries and you can just grab the label and attach it to the package or envelope whenever you’re ready to send it out. Address labels help speed up the shipping process by having them already cut and organized to choose from, and they also make your deliveries look more official than handwritten addresses.

How to Use the Avery Label Template 5160

The Avery Label Template 5160 can be downloaded right here at no charge, but you do need Microsoft Office Word 2003 or later in order to use it. Using the Avery Label Template 5160 is very straightforward but just remember a few things while entering data into it.

  • You will want to have a database of all customer names and addresses handy so you can enter in that data quickly and accurately in the provided table spaces.
  • If you’d like, you can change the background color of the template to a fancier color if you want to give the labels a more personal touch in addition to having a professional appearance. You may also want to change the font format and size to fit the label space better.
  • You can also draw borders on the table that include solid or perforated line designations.

Tips for Using Avery Label Template 5160

  • When entering labels into the table, you may want to have customer information already entered into an Excel spreadsheet or an Access database, so that you can pull up the customers and addresses you need and have them copied and pasted into the template.
  • You will probably want to have the labels printed on sticker paper so you can simply detach and place the label on the envelope or package.
  • You may even want to have stacks or folders available for some of your customers who you send out shipments to more frequently, so that you can store their address labels in those stacks and have them readily available when you need them.

Download: Avery Label Template 5160

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