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Free Avery ID Badge Template

Many businesses require the peace of mind that identification badges offer. ID badges can be employed for security reasons where it is integral to affirm the identity of employees often. They can also be used for more practical reasons such as customer convenience. No matter what reason they are used for, ID badges create a more professional environment. Identification badges display names, return to if found information, company information and in some cases, pictures. To save money on production costs, it is recommended to create ID badges without the help of a professional. To effortlessly create large amounts of ID badges efficiently, it is recommended to download an Avery ID Badge Template.

How to Use an Avery ID Badge Template

One may find the task of having to make numerous ID badges to be daunting but with an Avery ID Badge Template the task is made simple. We provide an easy-to-download template here on the page for free. This customizable template allows businesses to display whatever information they deem necessary on a clearly designed identification badge. To use the Avery ID Badge Template, simply download the template, open it in your word processor, enter identification information, insert pictures, print and assemble. The process is economical and effortless and will present a more qualified business.

Tips for Using an Avery ID Badge Template

  • Before beginning the creation of ID badges, ensure all name information is correct and all pictures are saved to the computer you choose to make ID badges on.
  • Choose a font that is easy to read for ID badges.
  • Streamline the ID badge creation process by creating a draft copy for IDs without personal information and copy and paste the draft instead of starting from scratch each time.
  • To save the trouble of wasting expensive paper or plastic printing surfaces, print a test page on regular computer paper to ensure alignment, size and color is correct.
  • After printing ID badges it is recommended to store ID badges in plastic sleeves or coverings with lanyards, pins or magnets attached for easy display.

Download: Avery ID Badge Template

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