Avery File Folder Labels


If you want your files to look professional and organized, Avery File Folder Labels will allow you to accomplish this. Of course, it is more economical to just reuse your old file folders. However, it never provides a quality feel when the text on your old labels show through the new file folder labels you have placed.

Avery File Folder Labels use what is called Trueblock Technology. This prevents the writing from any old text to show through on your new label and it is guaranteed to work. Of course, you must already be thinking about cost. So, the good news is that not only do you get the high-quality labels that come with the Avery brand name, but you also get it at no cost. That’s right. It is free.

Avery file folder labels are guaranteed not to jam during printing. Just use your ink-jet printer and print with ease and confidence. They are also smudge-free. So you do not have to worry about the ink smearing across the label. These bright-white labels will stay bright and white, giving your file a very clean and professionally organized look. Avery file folder labels are also available in a wide variety of sizes to fit your specific filing needs.

How to Use Avery File Folder Labels

These labels are very easy to customize. They were also designed to be very user friendly. To use the labels you would just need to open, format and print your labels. First, all you need to do is download your template. After the download is completed, you are now ready to open your labels in Microsoft Word.

Once you open the labels you can begin formatting. Simply edit the text by placing your desired labels into the fields. You can place in whatever words you like. Finally, just print your labels. Now you are ready to place the labels onto your desired file folders. Congratulations, you have just accomplished the professional look you desired. Avery File Folder Labels make it very easy to get organized and remember you can access all of this for free.

Download: Avery File Folder Labels

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