Avery CD Label Template 5931


Avery CD Label Template 5931 Free

Truly, notable CD labeling packages now offer online downloadable CD labeling programs free of charge. The typical features of these CD labeling programs include insertion of text, use of pre-made template design, and upload of images. But why settle on the ordinary thing when you can customize a standout label that matches your personality and music? Such is the main concept of Avery CD Label Template 5931, which guarantees a great means of burned CD organization. You will experience all these once you successfully download the template.

Avery CD Label Template 5931: The Main Features

Avery CD Label Template 5931 includes Matte White Removable CD Labels that are great for CD-ROM organization and music collection cataloging, 100 Spine labels and 50 CD or DVD labels and Removable Adhesive. The template’s film label is specially developed for DVD and CD drives and players. Aside from being customizable, it is easy-to-use and can be downloaded on this page for free. It can also be used through laser printers. Its labels stick, stay in place, and remove in a cleanly manner.

Consider the following to download and use the Avery CD Label Template 5931:

  • Once you have downloaded and installed the software for CD labeling, open the program and select the option allowing you to use the pre-designed CD label template. Choose the template that matches your CD label package Item Number.
  • Start designing and customizing your CD label by adding images to the template. You may also insert clip-art images and align them to fit on the template.
  • You may add text in the circular box and key in the names of artists and tracks for easy identification.
  • Preview the print version of your template to view details of your finished product and to ascertain whether you like the design or revisions are necessary.
  • It will also be great to put the burned CD in a CD jewel case first before you apply the label template to protect your newly designed CD label.

With the use of Avery CD Label Template 5931, you can be sure to have an one-of-a-kind CD label.

Download: Avery CD Label Template 5931

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