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Free Avery Business Card Template

Ordering business cards from a professional place can be tasking and expensive. There are things to consider when you order business cards. Things like meeting a minimum order volume, limited options on design, then you have to wait for the card get delivered on time. Being able to print the cards yourself saves time and money. The cards created with the Avery Business Card Template are professional business cards that can be created using Microsoft word without worrying about cost. By printing the Avery business cards yourself, you are able to print exactly what you need at your home or office without restrictions.

A total of 10 cards can be printed off on a single sheet. The template is compatible with Avery 5371, Avery 5911, Avery 8371, Avery 8471, and Avery 8859.

How To Go About Creating Avery Business Card Template

  • Upon downloading the template and opening it up in Microsoft Word, you will notice ten cut out business cards. First, fill in the company’s name, your name and job title. You can add phone number where you can be reached and where you can receive a fax. Then you type in the companies address and website.
  • After you fill in the information on the card, you’ll want to play around with the font and the font color. Choose the color that will go with your business needs. You can even use the company’s colors. Then, customize a design on the card that best represents your company.
  • The last thing you want to do is save the template, so that you can use the template for any future changes you may want to make. Then print out whatever amount of pages you want. Remember there are ten cards on one page. The Avery Business Card Template is customizable and free to download here.

Tips In Using The Avery Business Card Template

  • The first thing you may want to do on the Avery Business Card Template is delete the company name and add yours. Customize the font to that of the business. Then delete the coffee logo. Then go to insert and add the logo that you desire for your business. You may need to re-size the picture by using the mouse.
  • Make sure to have the quality paper that is needed to print out your business cards and really give it that professional look and feel.

The Avery Business Card Template is a great choice for your business.

Download: Avery Business Card Template

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