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Free Avery Address Labels

Labels are often used to identify files in a cabinet, used for company letters, return address labels and many more. Teachers, office workers and businesses use them on a daily basis. So why not make it fast and easy to create these labels by using an Avery address label template. This template is available for free. It is a fast download that you can do straight from this website. The Avery address labels are easily customizable and have several styles to choose from.

A total of 30 labels will print off on a single sheet. The template is compatible with Avery 5160, Avery 5260, Avery 5630, Avery 5660, Avery 5960, Avery 6970, Avery 8160, Avery 8250, Avery 8460 and Avery 8660.

How to Use the Avery Address Labels Template

  • After you have downloaded the free template, choose the design you would like. Professional, personal or casual styles are available.
  • Customize the template by inserting your name and address exactly how you want people to see it. Verify what you typed in is correct.
  • If you are using these Avery address labels for things other than address labels, you can customize it with whatever information you would like.

Tips for Using the Avery Address Labels Template

  • Avery address labels are not just for addresses. You can use the free template to create file labels and many other personal uses. These labels are excellent for return address labels because you can create multiple labels at one time.
  • The Avery address labels template works with all the different size labels that Avery offers. If you have already purchase a package before, there is no need to go out and purchase a different size.
  • If you want to stand out try customizing address label styles that fit your needs, personality and style. You can change font sizes and script writing for your words as well

This free download works with all label sizes. You simply choose the style and customize the information and you can instantly print your new labels for work, home or school. The address label template will save you time writing out each item you are labeling, especially if it is the same thing over and over again. People are able to read the labels a lot better than a person’s handwriting. Once you personalize your address labels, you have then created an impression on the person or people that see them.

Download: Avery Address Labels

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