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Using Compact Discs (CD’s) to record your own personalized music selections can be fun and rewarding. You are able to create one of a kind gifts and memorabilia that will bring a smile to the face of both you and the recipient. Part of customizing your CD is in the form of the jewel case insert. You can download free from this page the easy-to-use, customizable Avery 8931 Template and make truly unique CD jewel case inserts.

How to Use the Avery 8931 Template 

  • First, download the Avery 8931 Template free, directly from this page.
  • Second, start on the left side of the template page. Here you will choose from one of three themes for your case. The choices are Basic Music, Music CD with music symbols, and Holiday Music CD.
  • Third, input the information into the appropriate fields. Each page will print two jewel case inserts, and the insert will include front, back and spine information. From the Avery 8931 Template click on each field, and add the information in the font, color, and size of your choosing. Remember to check your spelling and grammar to ensure a consistent, and professional looking CD jewel case insert.
  • Fourth, save your completed template to your computer so that you can reprint additional labels in the future, as you need them. Print the inserts, and place them into your CD cases for a finished case product.

Tips for Using the Avery 8931 Template

  • First, choose the theme for your case inserts that best represents what you are recording, and your personal style. This will make the cases easier to locate, and read once they are on the shelf.
  • Second, double check all of your spelling, and grammar, to ensure a quality, professional looking insert.
  • Third, save your work once you complete the template so that you can easily reprint the inserts as you need them.

Using the Avery 8931 Template for CD Jewel Case Inserts will help you create customized, and professional looking, inserts for your recorded CD’s to give as gifts or add to your personal music library.

Download: Avery 8931 Template

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