Avery 8692 Template


The free Avery 8692 Template

When you need to create discs for the storage or creation of information, music, or pictures, there is a free downloadable template from Avery. It will help you customize labels for your discs. Use it to create your own customized labels for your CD or DVDs to organize your discs. Using this template will give your CD or DVD collection a clean and professional look. The Avery 8692 Template allows the user to download a template to create free, unique, and personalized labels right from this page.

These labels contain spaces for information such as the date, description, and the title. This 2-label download has a solid colored background, and you can use it with other Avery templates to create an organized and themed library of compatible templates. This Avery 8692 Template will help you to create unique personalized labels for free right here from this page and download on to your computer by following these simple and easy instructions listed below.

How to Use the Avery 8692 Template

  1. Download the free template to your computer. Save a copy of the blank template for easy access in the future.
  2. Fill in the needed information on the label such as the date, time, and description.
  3. Save a copy of this disc to a file on your computer for future reference if desired. Print out your labels.

Tips for Using the Avery 8692 Template

  1. If you have to create multiple discs, fill in the information that is not going to change and save a copy of that label. This way you can call up the label and simply add the necessary information and print.
  2. Proofread your information for spelling errors and number correctness before printing or saving.
  3. Create a folder on your computer and use it to keep all of the corresponding Avery templates that you download for use with these labels or other templates in it.

This free Avery 8692 Template download for CD and DVD disc labels located here on this page is perfect for getting your discs labeled and organized quickly and easily.

Download: Avery 8692 Template

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