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Hi my name is….
This is a familiar epitaph for anyone who has attended a high school reunion, work function, seminar or convention. It’s that cliché line that borders the same old boring name tags used time and time again. So, while one might be tempted to ditch the whole aspects of name tagging, it might lead to a bit of confusion when you have a large group of people all trying to remember one another’s names.

So instead of nixing it all together why not spice the old tradition up with some custom name badges. An Avery 8395 Template for name badges offers a fun and easy alternative to the traditional style of nametags. Add a little stylish flare to your next function and save money by doing it yourself!

How to Use the Avery 8395 Template for Name Badges

  1. Begin by downloading the free and easy-to-use Avery 8395 template available right here on this page!
  2. Open the file in the appropriate word processing application.
  3. Next, enter pertinent data for each section of the name tag according to the pre-selected and marked areas.
  4. Print on a stationary style of your choosing.

Tips for Using the Avery 8395 Template for Name Badges

  • Take advantage of the fully customizable aspects of the Avery 8395 template. Don’t feel as though you must use what is already given. Add graphics and styles that more closely match the motif of your function. Add, delete and change the given information areas as much as it suits you. The only limits are your imagination!
  • To add a more professional look, print on specialized template paper that has precut rectangular sections. You can usually find this type of paper with an adhesive backing. However, there is also a cardboard type stationary that has precut areas. If you’re using the cardboard counterparts think about buying plastic nametag holders that have a safety pin backing.
  • Depending on your function, you could think of a fun game to play in conjunction with the name tags. Place a number on the back of each one and have a door prize raffle; or you could play a name game!

Download: Avery 8395 Template

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