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Free Avery 8257 Template

Businesses that thrive on the selling of products are always endowed with the responsibilities of shipping. Return address labels are consequently required in large amounts, therefore leading to unnecessarily large expenditures. The Avery 8257 Template helps you easily create monogram return address labels. Its customization makes it adaptable to your business, simple by changing a few pieces of information in the template file. With the Avery 8257 Template you have the ability to produce an unlimited amount of return address labels.

The dimensions of the labels are 3/4 times 2-1/4 inches. Avery address label paper is required, but either Avery 6870 and 8257 are fine to use.

How to Use the Avery 8257 Template

  • First, download the file from this page. This file has a .pub extension, meaning that it requires Microsoft Publisher to open. It is recommended to use the latest version of Microsoft Publisher in order to avoid compatibility issues with the template.
  • Second, open the template.
  • Third, insert your contact data. This includes your name, address and company logo.
  • Fourth, save the template and name it something clear and descriptive.
  • Fifth, print as many pages of the Avery 8257 Template as you need.
  • Finally, separate the individual return address labels with a cutting device.

You now have Avery 8257 return address labels ready to use. Just peal off the protective cover and stick it on your package.

Tips for using the Avery 8257 Template

  • First, make sure your data is correct. You do not want to waste several sheets of Avery address paper due to carelessness.
  • Second, make sure that you save your customized file on multiple devices. It may save you a lot of time in the future.
  • Third, avoid using low resolution printers. Even small things like return address labels can be noticed and judged by consumers.
  • Fourth, contact Avery for additional sizes of this design if needed.
  • Fifth, stack the printed sheets for efficient cutting. Also, a good cutting machine should save you time in the long run.

Businesses always require return address labels. Use the Avery 8257 Template for a cheap, fast and simple solution.

Download: Avery 8257 Template

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